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Your Choice of Cookware Reflects Your Personal Style


Believe it or not, your choice of pots and pans is as reflective of your personal style, values, priorities and character as your choice of fingernail polish and makeup. If you don’t believe us, pay attention to the rise of beauty bloggers and YouTube personalities. They have invested quite a bit of time and resources in creating the right persona so as to attract the right kind of niche following.

This may seem quite intentional and it is because building a brand is really all about producing, championing and highlighting the right persona. That’s why if you are looking to take full control over the personal impression you make on people around you, you cannot leave anything to chance. You have to take the first step. You have to take the initiative to ensure that everything falls in the right place and you line up your ducks properly, so to speak.

Nobody knows this more than YouTube bloggers like Kim Dao. Ms. Dao made quite a name for herself by being a beauty blogger on YouTube. This doesn’t come easy because you have to really know your stuff. You also have to very intentional and purposeful in your choices, whether we’re talking about clothing, product recommendations, video lighting and sound, and other details.

In fact, when it comes to creating a truly distinctive high-impact personal brand, your attention to detail is crucial. It can make or break you. This is why Kim Dao has become so big. She creates the right impression with the right people at the right time to produce the right results. This doesn’t come about by accident. This is not something people stumble into. This is not something that just falls out of nowhere. This takes a little bit of planning. It also requires being systematic and methodical.

Vloggers like Kim were sure to focus on a particular community of Youtube users. They did not go for a general audience. Instead, they developed a tight message discipline. This is crucial because the key to any kind of success in social media is to develop a well defined narrow niche following and scale up from there. The more fanatical these individuals are, the better of the would be Youtube celebrity would be. It’s all about building a solid community around your Youtube persona. You really have to go out on a limb.

This is why you have to be equally systematic when it comes to your choice of cookware because it reflects your personal style. Even if you’re not trying to impress other people, you are going to experience this personal feedback and may lead to all sorts of mood or mindset issues.

If you consider yourself a bright, positive and a proactive person, pay attention to all the details in your life. That’s right. Even your choice of housewares, appliances and cookware can and do play a role in who you think you are and what you’re about. Your personal style is your core brand. Guard it very closely.