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What you need to know about wearing thin ties


You have got to have the right attire whenever you want to present yourself in a positive manner. And you could do that if you know how to wear a thin tie properly. For example, a chef in a restaurant kitchen would know the right kinds of cooking tools to use. They could tell the difference between a carving knife and a slicing knife. And they would also be able to use those kitchen tools and appliances the right way as well. In the same way, you as a man should know the right way to wear and use a tie. There are many different kinds of ties out there, just like there are different kinds of kitchen tools. And you have got to be wearing your tie the right way.

Wear your skinny tie right

Choose the right fit of your skinny tie, based on the size of your body. For the average guy, you would need to get a slim tie that is about 2 to 3 inches wide. Anything smaller in width should be reserved for really slim men as well. You must also be sure to get the right length of your tie as well, in most cases, you could get anywhere between a 50 to 60-inch long tie.

Skinny ties for the best occasion

There are also certain occasions where you should be wearing a slim tie and when you should not be wearing it. In both formal and informal events, you can wear a thin tie. However, you have also got to be aware of certain kinds of formal occasions wherein wearing a thin tie is not a good idea. For example, if you are going to be a groom at a wedding, a thin tie is not something that you should be wearing.

Tie it properly

Avoid tying the knot of your skinny tie with an overly large knot. A skinny tie could easily be overpowered by a big knot. And a thin-looking tie would look lopsided and top-heavy if you do not tie the knot with the right size. So try to use smaller knots that match well with the slim appearance of your tie. Chunky knots should always be avoided. You can try to use a half-Windsor knot for your tie. This kind of knit is easy to create because you would only need to use a four in hand kind of knot.

Be sure to remember all of these tips whenever you are planning to wear a thin tie. A skinny tie would look great for a wide variety of different events. And a lot of guys can rock a skinny tie. However, it has also got to be worn the right way. Wearing a skinny tie the wrong way could backfire. And you would not look cool at all, instead, you would look like a shmuck who does not know which kinds of proper clothing accessories to wear. In order to avoid becoming that person, who does not know how to wear ties, you have got to keep this article in mind. If you do follow these tips on wearing your skinny tie, you would look like a well-dressed guy.