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What are the advantages of buying a LOL account?


Did you know that you can actually buy an account for yourself on League of Legends? It is true, there are some players that level up and put up their LOL accounts for sale. But if you can get a LOL account for free, why should you buy it? It is because there are numerous advantages to be gained from a pre-made LOL account.

High ELO

You will be able to purchase an account that already has a high ELO ranking. If you do not want to get stuck in bronze or silver rankings, you have got to purchase your LOL account instead. It would take a lot of time to win all of the matches that you will need in order to get a high enough ELO ranking. You could save yourself a lot of trouble and time if you just bought a League of Legends account instead. You would find that it would be the easiest way for you to finally gain an ELO ranking of diamond or even challenger!

More skins and runes

When you purchase a League of Legends account, you would also gain more access to runes, champion skins, and rune pages as well. Those kinds of things can really affect your gameplay within the game. This is because runes can give you an advantage over other players. And if you want to be the strongest in League of Legends you have got to purchase as many runes as you can. Earning those runes is hard though since you are going to have to earn IP through winning matches. But if you purchased an accountfor LOL, you would instantly get a complete set of runes and a bunch of rune pages as well. Most LOL accounts that you can buy also come with skins, and some of those champion skins are limited editions that have been discontinued! Their rarity alone makes it worth buying those accounts.

Immediate level gain

New players in League of Legends often start at level 1. They have got to keep playing the game and winning matches in order to reach the final level 30. That would take hours and hours of your time. If you want to save yourself all of that time playing the game just to level up your summoner, you can just purchase an account for the game. If you purchased an account for yourself on LOL, you would be able to have an account that is immediately at level 30.

Finding LOL accounts for sale and buying them is just common sense. With it, you would gain all of the tools that you would need to beat other players. Just like a chef would need to have the right kitchen tools and appliances to cook, you would also need the right tools for playing league of legends as well. And if a chef is going to buy high-quality kitchen tools to use, you would also need to buy a high-level game account for yourself. Through that high-level LOL account, you would become the best LOL player!