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How we removed urine from the carpet paddings near the kitchen


Having pets around the house is a distinct joy. You probably don’t need me to remind you of how awesome and amazing it is to have a pet dog, cat, kittens or puppies running around the house. They definitely are a handful, but they are so much fun. If you ever want to be loved and you have a lot of love to give, you definitely know that a pet can give you the love most human beings can’t give you. They’re just such furry balls of loyalty, love and affection.

With that said, please understand that you are still dealing with living beings. These are animals and just like any other animal, whether domesticated or in the wild, they are going to produce waste products. You may be thinking that I’m raising pretty inconvenient and often times uncomfortable topic, but as uncomfortable as it may seem right now, you really have to wrap your mind around this if you want to be a truly responsible pet owner.

You have to understand that being a responsible cat or dog owner isn’t just limited to making sure you walk your dog and properly clean up after it when you’re out and about. It also doesn’t just involve laying out kitty litter, making sure that it’s properly filled and fishing out cat droppings one in a while. It definitely goes beyond buying the right kind of food and making sure your pets are properly fed, vaccinated, the whole 9 yards.

Proper pet management and care also extends to your interior areas. You have to understand that urine on any carpet is going to be quite a challenge. Unless you catch your cat or dog urinating, it’s going to be very hard to remove stains.

The good news is that it can be hard, but it’s not impossible. If you have noticed that there are certain off color spots in your carpet padding, pay attention to where it is. Usually, if you allow your cat or dog to do number 2 on the kitchen floor, there are sure to be urine on carpet paddings or strips of carpets or rugs near the kitchen. A lot of pet owners allow their dogs or cats to urinate in the kitchen area. In the case for cats, they do it in kitty litter.

Unfortunately, just like with any other kind of pet, they can and do have accidents. How do you deal with this situation? Well, you can learn from us. I’m going to teach you how we removed urine from carpet paddings near our kitchen.

First, we turned off the lights and we used a mobile phone flashlight app to see distinct coloration variations on the carpet paddings. To double check, we sniffed from several inches away. Usually, this is a dead giveaway. If you see some sort of slight staining, follow up with a simple sniff test. It doesn’t have to be right up close and personal. That may get quite uncomfortable and, let’s get serious here, disgusting. You know that you have a urine stain problem if you can smell something from a safe distance of 3-5 inches.

Once we’ve done that, we applied baking soda to the affected areas. Applied a little bit of water and then followed it up with heavy shampooing. After enough shampooing, the carpet paddings looked brand new. Regardless of how badly spotted, stained or otherwise discolored your carpet paddings are, don’t think that you need to throw them away. Most of the time, you just need to clean them up properly and they’re good as new. You just have to have a system and method of finding the urine spots, confirming that you are dealing with urine and taking care of the spots.