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Getting good at cooking is like playing the guitar



If you play any kind of musical instrument, you know that it takes a lot of work and time to get good at playing any kind of instrument. Whether you have taken up piano when you were a kid or you’re currently playing the guitar or the bass, you know that often time, it takes quite a bit of blood, sweat and tears to get really good. In fact, if you’re a very busy person, it takes a lot of resources just to get passably good. That’s right, we’re not talking about top notch talent here. We’re talking about just being good enough to pass.

The great thing about all of this is that you don’t mind. When you’re playing the guitar, you’re creating noise in the beginning, but as you get better at it, the noise starts turning into sound, the sound starts turning into music. Sounds awesome, right? The same kind of progression plays out with cooking. If you want to get good with cooking, you have to basically put in the time to “play” in your kitchen. Just as you would use guitar tabs to master guitar progressions, you should play around with recipes. They’re not set in stone. They’re not unchangeable. By mixing and matching, making substitutions or leaving stuff out, you truly make these recipes your own.

Make sure that whatever you come up with in the kitchen truly meets your personal tastes. This is how great cooks are made. They’re not slaves to recipes. They don’t lack imagination. Instead, they play around. They connect the dots. They detect patterns just as when people use the guitar tabs and guitar playing guides from reviewplays.com. By using your creativity and constantly practicing, you eventually get good at it. In fact, giving enough time, you become a master.

A lot of people think that becoming a master really just boils down to the equipment you use. If only things were that simple and easy. Sadly, this is not true. Talent counts for a lot. In fact, there’s a famous story of a homeless person playing a fiddle in a subway station in London. He would scratch at this fiddle to produce some loud scratchy sounds that didn’t impress anyone. Indeed, people were actually annoyed at the sound the old man was making. They would hurriedly zip past him as he desperately tried to beg for spare change. This happened for several years until a mysterious man decided to help out the old homeless man.