Kitchen Utensils and Equipment FAQs

Here are some frequently-asked questions that might give you the answer you have been looking for on our website. We hope it helps.

Are your kitchen tools and equipment made out of high quality materials?

We are globally competitive when it comes to our products and we care a lot about the user experience of our customer, therefore, we make sure that our products are made out of high quality materials. Invest in one of our featured kitchen tools and equipment, and you will never regret it.

I can’t find what I’m looking for, are you going to add more products?

Yes, of course. Rest assure that we are doing our best to provide you with everything you might need for your kitchen. Aside from the fact that our products are made out of high quality materials, we also wanted to widen the range of your options so that you can choose the best kitchen tools or equipment that suits your lifestyle accordingly.

Are the dishwashers and kitchen cleaning products you are selling safe to use?

We wouldn’t risk selling these cleaning products if it isn’t safe to use for our customers. We understand that you wanted to make sure that your investments for your kitchen will last longer. Keeping it clean is one of the most effective ways to do so. That’s why we keep our detergents, dishwashers, and other cleaning products mild yet effective.

How can I remove theheavy stain from your kitchen tools and utensils?

If it happens that you have accidentally stained one of the kitchen tools and equipment that you have bought from us, we highly recommend that you let the kitchen tool in a mixture of water and bleach for about 24 hours. After soaking it, wash the tool with mild detergent and the stain should be gone from then on.

Are your products BPA-Free?

We wanted to ensure the safety of your children and other family members in utilizing our kitchen tools and equipment. We are certified BPA-free and we have complied all the standards and requirements to receive this certification. Rest assure that all our products are safe and easy to use.

Are there any safety features in your kitchen utensils?

Yes, of course. We highly consider safety in every kitchen utensil that we tend to sell. For instance, all of our products are specifically designed so that even children will be able to use it easily if you are trying to teach them how to cook. Aside from that, it can fit small hands so that they will not have any difficulty in handling the kitchen utensils. It will not easily slip from their hands because of the non-slip handles and we are certified BPA free. All of our products had been also approved by the FDA so there is nothing to worry about your kids or other young family member utilizing our kitchen tools andequipment. We seriously take your safety into consideration in the production of our kitchen utensils and tools.