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Examining the Use of Whatsapp as an Emerging Marketing Tool


It has been observed that the attention WhatsApp has been getting much attention ever since the messaging Application was acquired by Facebook. The service has transformed the way phone has been used for advertisement, and now you can download free WhatsApp messenger for pc. It is not a bad idea to take advantage of this remarkable benefits of WhatsApp, Communications is more distinctive and targeted between customers and businesses. WhatsApp is an excellent means to advertise for brands by using personalized messages. This will, in turn, maximize the benefits of their marketing effort.

WhatsApp for interaction

WhatsApp can be used as a tool for direct communication with individuals that you are quite familiar with. WhatsApp allows sending images, videos and audio message, it is important that you maximize your use of the messaging Service application for reaching out to your clients.

Create mutual communities with people of like minds:

Make it a task to create a group of unique audiences on WhatsApp.The messaging Application allows the creation of groups based on interest, geographical location, and demographics. You are also in the position of limiting the capacity of your WhatsApp group, in the sense that you limit the number of people that will be admitted in a group. On conclusion, you can go ahead with sending messages to the group.

WhatsApp for organizing people

WhatsApp is one of the most preferred by people for mobile interaction and Communication. Maximize the potential of the fact by using WhatsApp to organize people for specific event or cause, or you can use WhatsApp to send an invitation to people to join an event. The interesting part is that the invitation can be shared by your audience. You can encourage your audience to share, because of the more the shares, the more audience for the event.

Display a product as a profile picture

You can advertise your product to your audience using WhatsApp by conventionally using the news alert or broadcast messages but you can make a lot more exciting by using the picture of the products as your profile picture. You can go further by updating the status, just so people are well Informed about the product. In addition, if a website link is placed in the status, you can be sure that the promotion will be a lot more effective.