The Most Important Kitchen Tool Every Home Owner Should Have

If you are into cooking, you must have an idea on the most important kitchen tool that you should have in your kitchen. Among any other kitchen utensils, this is the one that you should never miss out and the one that you should pay attention in choosing carefully because it can help you in a wide variety of kitchen tasks. Yes, you’re right. It’s a chef’s knife. A high quality chef’s knife can help you to complete the job accordingly.

How do I choose a high quality chef’s knife?

Since it’s a very important kitchen tool, you should consider the following factors when it comes to choosing the best chef’s knife available in the market.


When it comes to steel, always choose the harder one. In that way, you will be able to grip the razor sharp edge longer. The only disadvantage is that it tends to form rust when exposed to moisture. You don’t have to worry anymore because today’s technology had already introduced the high carbon stainless steel that is corrosion and rust resistant.


Since you are going to use this knife in almost everything, you might want to consider the comfort when you are holding it. Make sure that you won’t have any difficulty balancing it in your hands. Aside from the strong grip, you should also consider the length of the blade. Most people prefer blades that are between 8 to 10 inches only, while some prefer lesser lengths. Whatever length you may choose of your chef’s knife, make sure that you are comfortable using it because it would be rendered useless even if you have purchased the best steel available out there.

How do I maintain my chef’s knife?

In order to make sure that you are able to utilize your knife for the next few years or so, you should take care of it properly. Making sure that it is always clean using a mild detergent is one way to maintain the sharpness of its blade and maximized efficacy. You should also sharpen it every once in a while when it’s starting to get dull and store it in a secure place wherein children can’t reach it easily and play around using the knife. Aside from that, look for a blade guard so that the blades of your knife are protected from dust and dirt. Don’t just use your chef’s knife on your kitchen countertop or anywhere when cutting vegetables and fruits. Make sure to invest in the high quality wood cutting board if you wanted to maintain the sharpness of your knife. Avoid buying marble cutting boards because aside from the fact that it can be quite expensive, it is too hard for your knife when cutting.

Now that you know how to choose the best knife and how to take good care of it, you can rest assure that this most important kitchen tool will be serving with you in the kitchen for the next few years or so.