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An Essential Guide to Wood Routers


The router most definitely makes the list for one of the heavily used and one of the most versatile power tools used in the home wood shop. The wood router is capable of being used for enormous tasks, in order to learn the full potential of these tools you will have to invest lots of time. According to the Woodroutercenter website, some of the uses of the tools are for making moldings, cutting dados, making raised panel doors, to mention but a few. When these tools are used with the right set of bits, you will easily complete wood working tasks on time and with little or no hassle.

When you want to buy a router, there are a number of factors to be considered, the first factor to be considered is if you intend on owning one of these exciting tools. Dedicated routers are easy to be found in professional wood shops, unlike home wood shops, meaning that the bits or perhaps cutters are left in the router and left to carry out a certain function. These routers are not employed for any other task once they have been adjusted for a specific task or perhaps a certain function. For instance, it might be to allow the back panel to sit in this recess, rabbit the back edge of cabinets, or perhaps one set up with a bit commonly used for edging. The benefit of this is the time efficiency and management in adjusting and changing the bits.

It is unconventional to find a home wood shop that owns ten or more routers but it is common to find some home wood shop having more than two. If you are in need of having one installed on a router table, it is advised that you have a dedicated one.  There is the chance that you may want a plunge router for this and one with ample power to manage larger cutter sets such as raised panel cutter that is useful in making cabinet doors. It is a dangerous practice to use these large bits in a hand held router.